Chapter 2, Act 4 part 2

Puzzling through the clues.

Having escaped the trap set by the mysterious Crisillyiri gentleman in the Nettles, the constables went back to HQ to regroup. Delft asked for an update on all they’d done, and urged them to take along a few new faces as aid for any new challenges that might await them. Templeton and Talon were recent recruits from Risur’s military, now permanently assigned to Team 1. Kaea Amata also tagged along, for lack of a fifth new available recruit on such short notice.

Together, the new Team 1 began to pore over the papers that Dr. W received from Nilasa Hume. Most of them were financial records, deeds of sale and such—most of them pointing to the fact that the recent spate of arsons were performed with the aim of making it easy for them to change ownership. The rest of the papers were reports written by Julian LeBrix, detailing a number of incidents where he encountered vials of black liquid hidden in out-of-the-way nooks in Danoran-owned factories in Flint. When he brought the matter to the attention of the consular, he was told to leave it alone.

Troubled by these findings, the party gave the records over to a secretary in the RHC’s employ, calling in a favor to see if there was anything else to be gleaned from them. They also paid a visit to the city’s fire marshal, confirming with him that the recent fires (likely set by Eberadro y Valando) were indeed intentional… and more than that, they seemed set in such a way to avoid damaging major structural features of the buildings or important machinery. As a consequence, most of the buildings that were hit in the first few fires were already back up and running (under their new owners).

To finish up the night, they found LeBrix’s house and questioned him again; he seemed more willing to talk after discovering that his address had been listed among the arson brothers’ list of future targets. He confirmed all that he’d said in the reports (though had no further insights on the nature of the black fluid), and provided a version of the events of the 1st of Summer more in line with the constables’ interpretation of the evidence. Nilasa had been stealing documents, not ceramic eggs. And she’d been killed by a blonde ex-military Risuri man that had met with the consular that morning, not by LeBrix himself. The consular had ordered everyone involved to cover things up—to present to the RHC a version of the story that wouldn’t place the blonde man at the crime.

Summer 4th.

Waking up bright and early, the party followed a canary up to the Wedding Veil, a scenic waterfall high in the Cloudwood, where they finally met face to face with Gale herself, thanks to Nevard Sechim’s introduction on their behalf. She hurriedly answered their questions about her connection to Nilasa, saying that the girl had in fact been a contact of hers, and she’d tasked Nilasa with breaking into the consulate to learn more about what was happening in the city.

Gale knew that there was a conspiracy in Flint. She claimed to have traveled to the Bleak Gate, and to have seen evidence of a factory there. After comparing notes with the constables, she believes that adamantine, firegems, iron, residuum, and other materials are being smuggled into the city’s shadow, where they’re being used to build some kind of weapon. She’s not sure who’s behind it all, but whatever they’re building can’t be anything good. The constables were wary of trusting her, but eventually agreed to accept a temporary alliance with her, on the condition that she cease all terrorist activity until such time as the conspiracy is rooted out, and for six months following.

Later, the party followed up on an older lead of theirs: Dansica Waryeye’s Apothecary. Supposedly, this was where Nilasa had (illegally) bought her elixir of invisibility, and it was also mentioned by the late woman as the place where Recklinghausen should have brought the stolen documents.

The constables came on strong, intimidating the gnomish woman into spilling the beans about her involvement with Gale. When criminal charges got mentioned, she offered to lead them into the back… but Hugo Von Gearkinson smelled foul play, and a fight broke out – Danisca nearly got away in the confusion, but she was reluctant to leave behind her husband Blander – not to mention her entire stock of potions. Both of them were taken into RHC custody for interrogation, along with their two hired guards. The three pet honey badgers owned by Blander were slaughtered. Even in death, they didn’t give a shit.

After leaning on them heavily (and thwarting an escape attempt by Blander), it was revealed that the two Waryeyes were supposed to go out on a smuggling run that night, bringing in three crates full of stolen wands from Crisillyir for various buyers. The constables planned on taking out their steam cutter for its first official mission, to stop the exchange.



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