Chapter 3, Digging For Lies

The Kaybeau Fair comes to Flint.

Autumn 1.

Having been assigned grunt-level busywork for the last few months, the constables now found themselves working as glorified security guards for the Kaybeau Arms and Technology Exposition, despite their newfound fame with the Risuri government for all their investigative success. In the end, it was Saxby’s call, and there wasn’t much they could do except hope that Team 3 would do a tolerable job of tying up the loose ends of the Macbannin case.

In the meantime, Hugo Von Gearkinson certainly didn’t seem to mind the assignment. Like a kid in a candy store, he wandered from pavilion to stall to tent, taking in all the wondrous new gadgets and enchantments (including steam-powered armor and a freakin’ badger gun), while showing off his own creation: a water-powered pistol.

Qiyet Outrunner, on the other hand, was having the most boring day of her life. She wasn’t interested in gadgets, preferring the simplicity of her axes and hide armor when it came to reliability in combat. And the one attraction that sounded promising, Swords of Tomorrow, was just a collection of factory-stamped blades that only resembled weapons. They were cheap enough for anyone to buy and put above their mantle, but they’d bend after a single blow and probably break on the next.

Templeton was unimpressed by the propaganda-like manner in which the Risuri military’s put on historical dioramas and displays which glorified firearms (not even giving Danor credit for their invention) while downplaying the role of magic in large-scale conflicts. Kida had hoped to see larger presence of local druids and shamans at the event, but was nonetheless weighing her options as to whether or not to buy something.

Talon slipped Qiyet some gold so he wouldn’t have to babysit Hugo.

All in all, things were surprisingly uneventful, at least until a barrel of witchoil was discovered at the Colleen Fuel Prospectus.



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