Amielle Latimer

Mother of the modern-day firearm.


A hundred years ago Amielle brought her one-of-a-kind rifle to Flint and lent her keen marksmanship toward defeating the witches of Cauldron Hill. That olive branch opened up the city to investment by industrialists from Danor, which had by that point fought two painful wars with Risur. Amielle proposed the plan, and it worked like clockwork.

It is then fitting, perhaps, that Amielle promotes the Watchmaker faction of the conspiracy, and has designed a plan for a thousand year destiny that will lead the world to prosperity and peace. A grandiose woman with grandiose plans, she is only stymied by the fact that she died eighty years ago, and while she endures as part of the Ghost Council, her influence is weak compared to Vicemi Terio.

Having predicted Nicodemus’ move to purge the conspiracy of its greedier members, Amielle had set up a contingency plan to remove a few VIPs from the Convocation in an attempt to allow them to be recruited by the RHC. But the bold move apparently failed, and Amielle disappeared along with the ship she and Reed Macbannin stole.

Amielle Latimer

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