of the Sea; servant of She Who Writhes.


Lady Beshela serves as steward of the domains of the fey titan She Who Writhes. Though not a member of the Unseen Court, Beshela bears the title Archfey of the Sea and controls most of the waters along Risur’s north shore. With armies of sea creatures at her command, the beautiful fey is like a queen of her own land, and it is with her permission that ships pass through her waters.

Forty years ago, Ethelyn Lesterman, sister of King Aodhan, rescued her from a pirate sorcerer, giving rise to a long-lasting friendship and military pact.

After completing the Trial of the Distant Past at Ingatan’s Refuge in Chapter 8, it has now become clear that Beshela was present on the day of the Coaltongue sabotage, way back in Chapter 1. She was the co-conspirator that secured Ethelyn’s escape from the rigged vessel, which meant she too had signed off on the plan to murder King Aodhan.


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