Bree (Brianne Kaldeckis)

A Danoran veteran of the Yerasol war.


Brianne Kaldeckis (“Bree” to her friends) fought on Danor’s side during the Fourth Yerasol war, and seems to have mixed feelings about Risur. On the one hand, she lost both her right arm and right leg to a jaguar, but on the other hand her life was then saved by the druid that summoned it.

After languishing in a veteran’s community for a few years, she caught the eye of a brilliant doctor, Wolfgang Von Recklinghausen. Using an unprecedented combination of surgery and sorcery, he was able to take an arm and leg from a cadaver and attach it to her, restoring full function.

Now she looks for mercenary work – she says she tries not to stay in Danor too long, as the lack of magic makes her scars itch; she’s worried they may stop working entirely, if she lingers there too long.

Bree’s Dealings.

  • On the night of Day 1, in Cherage, Bree was accompanied by Simon (Templeton) to a local bar where they chatted for a while, after which they parted ways.
  • During Day 2, she readily joined the Malice Land “safari,” though didn’t overly distinguish herself with marksmanship. Later that night, she and Calius got chummy, and later still she was seen exiting the lighthouse at the center of Orithea’s fire/water fluctuation.
  • On Day 3 she once again joined the “safari.” When the Screaming Malice showed up, though, she hurried back down into the cars and was not seen again until after the attack. She was seen at the enclave bar, but was not seen exiting the lighthouse at Trekhom.
  • During Day 4’s stop in Nalaam, she was seen shadowing Luc and Ottavia, likely guarding them.
  • At the final stop in Vendricce, she was directly addressed as a Tier 5 member of the Obscurati.

Bree (Brianne Kaldeckis)

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