Bruce McDruid

An explorer, bringing technology to primitive peoples.


Male Human Explorer, Level 10

Wears dark green hide armor, carries a wooden cudgel at his belt. Tends to carry around a Wayfarer’s Lantern (see below). Wears a ring of polished birchwood.


Raised on McDruid Island just northeast of Risur, Bruce forsook his clan’s traditions, stole one of their ships, and became a pirate. There are dozens of small island nations and coastal kingdoms with no geopolitical clout, but with enough population to cause trouble for the Obscurati if they are not properly pacified. Bruce is called friend in most of their ports.

Having explored farther than nearly anyone, Bruce is bored and not easily impressed. In the past year he has made the rounds, offering replicas of the Wayfarer’s Lantern, supposedly as a way to calm the seas. Once they are accepted, Obscurati agents will use that foothold to encourage the construction of proper Wayfarer Lighthouses.

Bruce McDruid

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