Cardiff Hengehill

A passenger overly protective of his luggage.


Mr. Hengehill is a very secretive man who gives off an air of professionalism as he attends to his business, though it remains unclear as to what that business is. Anywhere he goes on the train, he has an ordinary-looking suitcase with him, and ties it to his wrist with a sturdy leather cord.

Cardiff’s Dealings.

  • Boarding on Day 2 of the trip, Mr. Hengehill chatted with Beckman, though didn’t reveal much about the nature of his trip, and the subject of his case was obviously a personal affair that Beckman politely didn’t pry into much. He joined the “safari,” re-tying the cord around his ankle so that both hands were free to hold a rifle. His shots were more or less average. He was not followed after reaching the enclave in Orithea.
  • On Day 3, Mr. Hengehill actually carried his case under his arm, forgoing the cord entirely during the attack on the train. He stayed close to the group of guards originally on the caboose, slowly making their way to help fight off the Screaming Malice. That night, he was followed by Brug, who discovered he was a spy. He met with a Drakran contact and sold off Danoran secrets for a hefty sum, then left.
  • Day 4: Hengehill did not return.

Ring Status.

He wears no rings.

Cardiff Hengehill

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