Catherine Romana

A noble descended from a prior queen of Risur.


A former ally of then-Duchess Ethelyn, Catherine stridently opposes Danoran-inspired industries, and prefers to counter that new technology with arcane innovations. After the Fourth Yerasol War she got into trouble for harshly criticizing Risuri war veterans, implying that cowardice led to Risur losing ground in the war. Though she believes magic is superior to technology, she desires progress, and has pushed the Risuri parliament to pursue grand civil projects of arcane engineering, to little success.

She was rumored to be planning a major announcement late in the year 500 AOV, and was seen in the company of brilliant researchers from Pardwight and Mitchell University. It turned out her big news was that she proposed a counter-bill to the king’s desired allocation of funds toward railways and Flint’s subrail system, attempting to fund what she called the Dream Road, “a roadway more in keeping with Risur’s traditions.” The Dream Road would involve hundreds of magical portals connecting every village, town, and city, but the magical reagents required to activate the portal would’ve cost over 100 gold shields to transport just a handful of people. Romana’s opponents in Parliament called the idea “preposterous.”

During the party’s infiltration of the Obscurati Convocation in Chapter 7, Catherine was seen to be among the attendees, revealing her as a member of the conspiracy. She apparently had a position of some influence, occupying one of the few VIP suites, along with Nicodemus, Han & Luc Jierre, Cula Ravjahani, and Leone Quital (Grappa). She also designed and presented the Colossus proposal for the Grand Design, which gained a disturbing amount of support from other officers at the event.

But it seems that Nicodemus had used her from the start, perhaps even encouraging her to further develop her proposal so that he could use it as bait to lure out the greedy and corrupt from among the Obscurati’s ranks and put them all to death. She was last seen by Bruce McDruid (Talon), who watched her disappear into the midst of the swarming Ghost Council.

Catherine Romana

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