Cavallo de Guerra

Ber's Admiral; ruler of Citado Cavallo.


This orcish warlord and self-proclaimed Champion of the Marrajado de Oro (Riven Sea of Gold), Cavallo de Guerra joined the first king of Ber, Vairday Bruse, in kickstarting the revolution toward civilization. He worked alongside Shantus, the current ruler, but their relationship is nowhere near as friendly. When Vairday Bruse chose to pass the crown to a minotaur rather than an orc, Cavallo refused to pledge fealty. Though he hasn’t actively opposed Shantus, he continually snubs the minotaur’s overtures.

At sixty-three years old, Cavallo is ancient by orc standards and wary of being deposed. He uses propaganda to portray himself as still youthful and vigorous; and throughout his region one can find statues of him astride bears, and murals of him trampling the bones of dragons. He often violently harasses visitors, much to the delight of his counselors, to see if they have the strength to stand up to his abuse.

Despite his aggression, he usually has several of his grandchildren by his side when in public, and he dotes on them with comical gentleness. If any of them start to act bratty or entitled, though, he’s been known to literally throw them through walls, to show them that they have to earn their place in the world. Above all else he hates presumption.

After privately curing the warlord’s grandson of his parasites, and publicly ensuring his ships the blessing of the archfey Beshela, Cavallo has agreed to be less combative with the Bruse in the future. Work has begun on a rail line to Citado Cavallo.

Cavallo de Guerra

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