The angel imprisoned in the Vault.


Angelic Champion – Level 28 Soldier
Medium immortal humanoid


Gaunt and pale, this pitiable creature was found trapped by golden hooks on gold chains, her white wings stained the color of rust from her own blood. Though she likely needs no food, being a celestial entity, long years of imprisonment has atrophied her body, and lack of company has left her nearly mute.

She begged the constables for death, but Kida in particular yearned to free her instead. Such a feat was likely impossible, given the nature of her wards, and doing so would’ve compromised the deep cover of their mission during Chapter 4. Kida gave her water, and in return, she gave them cryptic warnings and advice.

In the prologue of Chapter 7, the constables returned to the Vault of Heresies, using Sechim-brand StoneEaterTM to dissolve the largely unprotected stone around the moorings of the angel’s nigh-invulnerable chains. Latent wards took over her mind, forcing her to attack her rescuers, but eventually she was freed from the enchantment and brought on board the PCs’ ship to recover.

She joined the party’s side for the events of Chapter 8, but left their side to work with an encampment of Clergy soldiers, hoping to change their mind about the violent edicts they carried out in Triegenes’ name.


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