Damata Griento

A middle-aged half-orc businessman.


A 40-something half-orc from Ber, Damata has brought his wife and two children on board for a vacation. He plans to invest in the construction of rail lines in Ber, and this trip is his way of doing a little research.

The Other Grientos.

  • Ejeka, the wife.
    A darling in her late 20s, Ejeka is quieter and more reserved than her husband.
  • Dabo, the daughter.
    Just turned 13, Dabo is something of a spoiled princess who is used to getting her way and speaking her mind. She isn’t entirely enthusiastic about the trip, and complains frequently about missing her friends, and how unfair it is that she had to leave for months.
  • Tarro, the son.
    A young boy of 7, Tarro is easily bored, and constantly seeks stimuli from new things, new people, new places, and new ideas. He explores, and like most bored children is always testing his boundaries with his parents.

Damata’s Dealings.

  • Damata was not tailed by the constables on the night of Day 1, in Cherage.
  • He and his family were also largely ignored on Day 2.
  • On Day 3, Calius followed the strangely-preoccupied half-orc to a small theater, where the famous Vlendam Heid was slated to speak. The speech went a bit awry as the dwarven philosopher abandoned his notes, choosing instead to have a frank and open discussion with the dour man in the front row. During this conversation (and the follow-up behind the scenes following the show), Damata revealed that he was deep in debt to The Family. With guidance from the scholar, Damata decided for himself that it would be better to stand up and fight against them, rather than be beholden to them. He asked Calius to consider helping him, though couldn’t offer much of a reward.

Successfully slaying all those who had record of his debts, Damata took his leave of the train and teleported his family home to Ber at the next opportunity.

Ring Status.

Damata wears a gold ring, which might possibly mark him as a member of the Obscurati. Then again, it might just be a simple wedding band, as his wife wears a similar ring, but with a ruby on it.

In Chapter 6, Damata resurfaced—he was one of the two tycoons paid to build the Cantabrilla rail line. He gave up a financial bonus to aid the constables in stymieing the efforts of Leone Quital (who had been assigned to help his end of the project), all but solidifying him as a non-member of the Ob.

Damata Griento

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