Kasvarina Varal

Wife of Asrabey, and Ob conspirant.


Kasvarina was first seen in a vision Hugo received after performing the object reading ritual. Her green dress is of an Elfaivaran style and make not produced since before the Great Malice.

In the vision, she looked on in horror as Grappa was force-fed witchoil by another man at the steel mill’s crime scene.

Now, her identity has been revealed as the wife of Asrabey Varal. Having gone missing for months prior, the dreadnought finally got wind of her location, hearing a snippet of another prophecy Ekossigan had given before leaving the Dreaming. Following his clues, he accompanied the party into the Ob’s Bleak Gate facility and rescued her, taking her speedily from the premises with not another word to the constables.

She seemed bewildered at the sight of the battle outside her room, and when Borne called out to her, calling her his mother, she screamed in fright.

Kasvarina Varal

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