Andrei Von Recklinghausen

A hobo with superhuman abilities.


Perhaps the oddest individual the constables have encountered along their train ride, this white-haired man in his threadbare coat always seems to turn up at unpredictable moments. At present, he has shown no ill will or violent behavior, and acts more or less in keeping with a common vagrant’s needs: dodging authority in order to find food, shelter, or other necessities.

If not for his preternatural physical ability, he would be quite unremarkable. But so far he has been witnessed dodging bullets, leaping off bridges, and healing from wounds in seconds. Qiyet, drawing on her martial education, was able to deduce from a few seconds of fighting him that he has no formal combat training, though he possesses strength beyond even her own brute force.

It became clear after questioning him that he is not a very worldly individual, having trouble placing people’s nationalities or grasping even basic knowledge of some cultures.

Mapple’s Dealings.

  • On the night of Day 1, in Cherage, he was chased out of the fancy hotel after being spotted in the mayoral suite on the top floor, taking a bath. Escaping with only his coat, he outran two guards and dodged Simon Beckman’s attempts to stall him.
  • In the evening of Day 2, he was seen following Elanor Yanette to the Night Market, at which point he attempted to intercept them. He was cut off by Qiyet, but he explained he was merely trying to see the face under Isobel’s veil, rather than jumping to conclusions.
  • During the attack on Day 3, he woke up in the cargo cars and started to fight off the bandits encroaching on his hideaway, only to be driven off by their leader, Rodinn. Apparently, fire bypassed the hobo’s regenerative ability. In Trekhom, he sought out Brug and had a conversation, trying to gauge the bodyguard’s interest in Isobel’s situation. Rebuffed, he wondered aloud if he had misjudged the half-orc, but not before introducing his name: Mr. Mapple… an appellation so ridiculous it had to be fictional.
  • On Day 4, he was contacted by Joliet and accepted the offer to team up to free Isobel. He took far more punishment than he dealt, but was still instrumental in overcoming the three powerful mages bidding to Elanor. By the time the last mage was dispatched, he was angry enough to let slip his real name; his relation to the doctor from the Malice Lands is unclear, as the two look nothing alike…

Ring Status.

Andrei wears no rings.

Andrei Von Recklinghausen

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