Jane Doe

A changeling that Hugo's protective of.


Trade: Illegal. Con artist/thief.
Race: Changeling
Origin: Flint, Risur
Current residence: Flint – Nettles District.

How Hugo is acquainted: Hugo met her about a year ago, during one of his first forays into the field, accompanying a group of police officers in a drug bust in the Nettles. Hugo’s always had a better sense than most for when someone’s lying, so when she tried to sneak her way out of the raid by taking the form of a policeman, Hugo caught on right away – but didn’t pursue since the real officers were still under fire.

He found her much later by chance, and figured out that most of her disguises have a flaw – a tiny mole on her left cheek that she usually forgets to erase. She has a few different established personas (that he knows about, anyway); a heavyset half-orc woman named Helga that volunteers at a soup kitchen, and an elf cutpurse who goes by the name Janner the Quick.

Hugo has been supporting her with extra income he makes doing simple repairs at a local shop. He views her as the sister he never had, even if she’s a little ungrateful to him sometimes. Still, she occasionally gives him a little information she picks up in her seedy line of work, in exchange for him making sure she doesn’t wind up in prison.

Jane Doe

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