Kaja Stewart

Researcher turned arms dealer... turned researcher.


Kaja was recruited as an arcanoscientific researcher by Reed Macbannin. When the quake hit, she ran, taking a collection of magic items and equipment from the laboratory located at Macbannin’s manor.

An expert in theoretical planar physics, Kaja helped to devise the way to refine witchoil from the veil between the real world and the Bleak Gate. She since started working for Lorcan Kell, and in the intervening months since her flight she has focused on crafting pocket dimensions for the purpose of concealing weapons and contraband. In return, the crimelord has helped her sell off what she stole from Macbannin, and she’s turned a tidy profit.

She is now kept prisoner beneath the RHC office in Flint, following her arrest by Team 1 in the Nettles.

Kaja Stewart

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