Malia Baccarin

A foreigner working as a Danoran train guard.


Dark, lithe, and beautiful, Malia sticks out in Danor almost as much as the Grientos. Head of security for the train, Malia makes it a point to remind the passengers each night to collect their belongings, lest thieves nick them from the train. Though Xorin Marchand, the conductor, likes to take it upon himself to ingratiate himself with the first-class passengers, the truth is that Malia is often much more available for questions or concerns while the train is moving.

She also seems to be in charge of a special event called the “Malice Land Safari.” The name is misleading however, since it only involves finding a perch on top of one of the train cars to shoot Malice Beasts passing by. The event begins on Day 2, and lasts until the train passes into Drakr on Day 3.

Malia’s Dealings.

  • Malia was not followed by the constables on the night of Day 1, in Cherage.
  • Brug (Qiyet) had a rather heated discussion with the lady about proper train security, but otherwise she was not overly observed or investigated.
  • During the attack on Day 3, she stayed with the first class cars, and prevented passengers from fleeing out of the caboose’s rear exit where they may have fallen prey to the other indigenous dangers. She thanked the party (both groups) profusely for their efforts in defending the train.
  • She was not observed conducting any further suspicious behaviors, nor was she seen at Vendricce.

Ring Status.

Malia wears no rings, but that does not necessarily mean she’s not an Ob agent.

Malia Baccarin

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