Nilasa Hume

The young woman killed at the Danoran consulate.


Information has been hard to find on Nilasa, but here’s what the constables have learned so far:

- She worked at the Thinking Man’s tavern in Bosum Strand.
- She wore a necklace that allowed her to fly for short distances. It’s currently missing. Based on her testimony to Darsys, she (willingly) gave it to someone just before she died.
- She was dating one of the guards at the consulate, a man named Braden.
- She was caught stealing from the consulate, and was shot to death after she leapt out a window.
- She had a slashing wound on her face from some kind of necrotic weapon or spell, healed posthumously by divine magic.
- She drank a potion or elixir before her death, the magic of which was still barely in her system when her body was examined.
- She was not a spellcaster.

LeBrix’s Account of Nilasa’s Death

According to the Security Chief, she had slipped away here unnoticed after distracting the employees with a box of chocolates, then began pilfering any valuables she could find, including a jeweled ceramic egg. Following a hunch, LeBrix followed her up her and tried to arrest her, but she bolted for the window. Wanting to keep her from harming herself, he shot her in the leg, but she jumped through the glass anyway and started flying. He reloaded, hit her in the back, and then she plummeted onto the fence. A man came up to her on the street, stealing something from her and fleeing the scene.

Nilasa’s Posthumous Account of her Death

According to her, someone jumped her from the shadows and slashed her on the face, blinding her. She leapt out the window, but couldn’t see well enough to land, so she fell onto the fence below when her limited flight (from her now-missing magical necklace) ran out. She gave what she stole (and the necklace) to a man that came up to her, then was shot and killed.

Coroner & Enna’s Account of Injury Order

  1. Slashing wound to the face (necrotic energy in the wound).
  2. Glass wounds on arms.
  3. Puncture wounds to torso from the fence.
  4. Bullet wound in leg, then shoulder. Death occurred.
  5. Wounds on face were healed by divine magic, after she’d already died.

After finding Nilasa’s bail certificate and requesting her criminal file, the party learned that she was recently arrested in a contraband raid along with two accomplices: Ford Sorghum and Travis Starter, both of whom are now serving time at Goodson’s Estuarial Reformatory.

The RHC morgue also sent them a potion vial found in her clothing – the residue of which is definitely an invisibility elixir, which are highly illegal for civilian purchase. There can’t be too many places in Flint that would be willing to brew these, can there?

Nilasa Hume

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