Olivert Boone

He's got a smile that women swoon for.


This interesting man carries around a revolver and a knife on his belt, and walks with the smooth gait of one who knows how to sneak about when necessary. He claims to be a treasure hunter who made his fortune in the Malice Lands, picking clean ruins left abandoned for centuries while gunning down the horrifying monsters that call that region home.

Boone’s Dealings.

  • On the night of Day 1, in Cherage, Boone went arm-in-arm with Joliet Dubois (Kida) to a fancy bar, played a few casual card games, and left in the company of an entirely different woman.
  • During Night 2, Templeton passed by him while pursuing Luc and Ottavia—he was busy trying to get lucky with some lady in an alleyway.
  • At the bar on the third Day, he was actually seen with a male drinking buddy for once, but left in the company of yet another woman, almost effortlessly.
  • When the party was drawn into Nem during Day 4, he appeared alongside them, and was chased by the ghosts of the handful of women he’d butchered on the previous nights’ stops. Kida destroyed his spirit before it could return to his body.

Ring Status.

Boone wears no rings, and doesn’t seem to have a ‘ring tan’ either. Given this fact, and his general self-serving personality, it’s hard to believe he could be an Ob agent.

Olivert Boone

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