The Bruse of Ber, pushing for 'civilizing'.


Shantus took over from Ber’s previous ruler, Vairday Bruse, seven years ago. Though he was instrumental in the early growth of the revolution, after a few years of bearing the weight of a nation on his shoulders Shantus has begun to slip back into the traditional patterns of power. He is lazy, hedonistic, and selfish, but he is no savage. The manner in which he comports himself does at least support the cultural movements of Ber’s majority, who clamor for less bloodshed and infighting.

After involving the constables in a massive wild goose chase for his own amusement, the spectacle ended in the revelation that a dragon had been operating in the nation’s borders for years, right under Shantus’ nose. The constables even saved the minotaur’s life from the tyrant’s construct assassins. Thoroughly humbled and embarrassed, Shantus has become very apologetic, and sent over several items reclaimed from Pemberton’s volcano lair as compensation.


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