She Who Writhes

Titan of the Avery seas.


“Arms of thousands make men weep;
she lurks in depths of murky deep.
Brave souls gone without a trace,
grasping ships in sweet embrace.
Fishers, merchants, pirates, each
will tremble when they see her breach.
When sailors wail ’neath stormy skies,
it’s time for dinner, She Who Writhes!”

-Risuri Sea Shanty


Most often taking the form of a giant kraken, She Who Writhes claims all the seas around Risur as her territory. Even in slumber, many sailors silently thank her for safe passage, and tales are still told of the ships she has dragged to a watery grave, despite how long it’s been since she was last sighted. Some stories claim that she can take the shape of a beautiful humanoid woman, and uses this shape to tempt men to swim towards her, dooming them in stormy waters. Some even claim that she has tried to claim powerful men as her mates, including more than one Risuri king.

Near the end of Chapter 5, She Who Writhes was awakened by the presence of Borne’s hellish witchoil engine in her waters. Hearing the plea of Kida and Gale, she came to investigate, and when the colossus was immobilized by repeated cannonfire (as well as the punishing Brand of the Coaltongue), she dragged the construct out to sea.

Word from the fey is that Borne has not been defeated; though his movements have slowed due to the pressure at the bottom of the ocean. For now, the fey titan keeps him trapped, but even she will grow weary eventually, while Borne’s artificial body is tireless.

As of the end of Chapter 7, the battle between the colossus and the fey titan is over, with She Who Writhes finally forced to retreat after months of protracted skirmishing. Though wounded, it seems Borne was far too slow and clumsy underwater to be able to strike a killing blow against her.

She Who Writhes

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