Wolfgang Von Recklinghausen

The well-groomed foreign doctor.


A distinguished, intelligent, and poised gentleman in his late 30s, Dr. von Recklinghausen speaks elegantly with a hard-to-place accent. He appears fairly innocuous, though his sharply-groomed goatee and the rapier at his hip give him a hint of menace.

Born into wealth (but not true nobility) in a minor nation in the Malice Lands known as Arrovia, Wolfgang pursued medicine and magic, learning surgery in Danor and spellcraft in Risur.

Lorcan Kell was hiding the doctor in a church in the Nettles district. After forcing them to pay a hefty sum, the crime lord created an opening for the constables to come and collect him… but just as they feared, he told someone else about this window of time as well. Escaping the ambush, the party managed to safely escort Wolfgang back to the RHC office, where he’ll be staying until a safehouse can be arranged for him. Following an investigation to make sure nothing is amiss, Delft plans on getting the man his travel visa and allowing him to leave the country as he originally intended.

The doctor was most recently sighted in Ber, having been more or less abducted by a local tribe of goblins. He’d followed rumors of a most mysterious parasite, fiendishly immune to common curing rituals. As it turns out, his work helped the constables earn the favor of Cavallo de Guerra, furthering the party’s goals in Chapter 6.

Wolfgang Von Recklinghausen

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