Amulet of the Ancients

This stone amulet is engraved with ancient pictograms depicting a tree surrounded by the primal elements of earth, water, wind, and fire. When you are attacked, the amulet turns briefly to gold.


Level 8+ Rare
Neck slot

Note Since the lanyard is made of leather (not gold), this item does not affect your ability to teleport.

Property You gain resistance to acid, cold, fire, lightning, and thunder equal to the amulet’s enhancement bonus.

Power (Encounter) Minor Action.
You may make a saving throw against an effect that a save can end.

Power (Daily) Free Action.
You and each ally within 5 squares gains resist 5 acid, cold, fire, lightning, and thunder until the end of your next turn.
Lvl 12 or 17: Resist 10.
Lvl 22 or 27: Resist 15.


After being recovered from Kaja Stewart’s pile of contraband, RHC enchanters have deduced the item’s function, as shown above. The enchantment can be transferred to a non-historic replica at the party’s request.

The relic itself is currently on display at the museum in Flint, now that the Gidim crisis has passed.

Amulet of the Ancients

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