Arsenal of Dhebisu

The greatest warrior of her day snatched a falling star and used it to slay a rakshasa. This shining mote of the heavens is the raw ideal of ‘weapon,’ and thus can take the form of almost any killing tool its wielder might need.


Level 20 Rare
Weapon: any non-Firearm

Critical: +d12 radiant damage per plus, and the target is blinded (save ends).

Property The Arsenal always gives off bright light in a 20 square radius, though looking directly at it will not impair a creature’s sight.

Property Whenever you spend a standard action to make a Weapon attack with the Arsenal, you may slide one creature adjacent to you one square, either before or after the attack.

Property Treat the Arsenal as if it were a silvered weapon.

Power (At-Will) Free action. (1/round)
You change the Arsenal to take the form of any non-firearm weapon. If it is not wielded for a full minute, it transforms into a brilliantly glowing rock. It will keep its shape indefinitely if placed into a scabbard, or a similar container/holster.

Property You are always proficient with the Arsenal, regardless of the form it takes. If taking the shape of a projectile weapon, like a bow, it forms its own ammo. It may use special ammunition if you have it available.

Property If you have changed the Arsenal for each of the previous three rounds—never assuming the same shape twice—you gain a +1 bonus to attacks, saves, damage rolls, and all defenses. This bonus continues for as long as you keep changing the Arsenal’s shape every round (minimally, you’d have to continually cycle through four forms, gaining the bonus from Round 4 and onwards).


Eladrin tell a tale of a god who turned against their pantheon and was transformed into a tiger that walked like a man: a rakshasa. As a god, no weapon in the world could harm him, and he ravaged the lands of Elfaivar, drowning villages and tearing entire cities free from the earth with a swipe of his clawed hands.

A warrior named Dhebisu, infamous for her incongruous brilliance as a poet and lewd sense of humor, was called upon to defeat the rakshasa. She befriended the cats of the jungle to learn of the monster’s weakness, and consulted with sages to learn when the next meteor shower would occur. That night she sang a mocking tune to lure out the rakshasa.

The beast attacked her, but she pulled a falling star from the sky and wove it into her hair. Thenceforth any weapon she touched became infused with the powers of the heavens. They battled through the night, until finally, the rakshasa tried to slay her with a poisoned arrow. But Dhebisu snatched the bolt and plunged it into the fiend’s loins, destroying it so that it could never reincarnate.

The Arsenal was recovered by the party during an excursion into Elfaivar, specifically the ruins of an eladrin city called Rumah Terakir. It was being wielded by a kolyarut (a divine construct sworn to uphold order), who had been entrusted with guarding the cursed blood left behind in the temple of an evil god who had betrayed the rest of the pantheon. Once Templeton impressed her in solo combat, she bequeathed the weapon to him, entrusting him to use it against the forces of Chaos in Lanjyr.

Arsenal of Dhebisu

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