Blessed Tea Kettle

Even after heating, the steel decanter is cool to your touch, and the water within smells like fine tea.


Level 5 Rare
Wondrous Item

Property Water or tea poured from the Kettle that is not used within 24 hours magically evaporates.

Power (Daily) Standard Action.
The Kettle fills with holy water. Splashing or pouring the water is a ranged attack with a range of only 1 square. If poured into a glass flask (or if the Kettle itself is filled and thrown), the holy water has a range of 3/6.

Attack: Wielder’s level +3 vs Reflex
Hit: 10 radiant damage, but only to demons or undead.

Power (Daily) Standard Action.
The decanter fills with excellent tea. Drinking it heals a creature as if it had spent a surge.


Found in room 8 of the Vault. Examination by Harkover Lee (off the records) have found that this item is cursed; drinking the tea somehow causes a distant acquaintance to become cold and unfriendly to the drinker. Repeated uses will leave the imbiber bereft of companions, and possibly disowned by their own family.

Interestingly, the curse only applies to those drinking the tea. Creating and using holy water with the kettle is perfectly safe.

Blessed Tea Kettle

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