Canary in a Coal Mine

From a gold chain dangles a tiny pendant in the shape of a canary, but it turns black as coal in the presence of danger.


Level 3+ Rare
Neck Slot

Property At the start of each encounter, you get a +5 bonus to all defenses during the surprise round and until the start of your first non-surprise turn.

Property Since the necklace is made of gold, you cannot teleport while wearing this item.

Power (Daily) Minor Action.
You gain a fly speed equal to your speed until the end of your next turn.


Originally owned by Nilasa Hume (given to her by Gale), she passed it on to Wolfgang Von Recklinghausen at the moment of her death. Having survived the few days since, he’s given the pendant to the constables as thanks.

… but nobody wanted it, so it went to the quartermaster.

Canary in a Coal Mine

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