R.N.S. Coaltongue

The flagship of the Risuri navy.


RNS Coaltongue, Arcanotech Warship

Level 26 Gargantuan Vehicle (41×10 squares)
Cost 1,500,440 gp

Hull Integrity 4
Defense 30
Minimum Crew 4
Full Crew 32
Total Complement 200
Attack Bonus +25 in any firing arc.
Speed 18
Maneuverability 8
Command by Captain


  • Design
    Two level central bridge. Steam engine with two propellers. Five decks.
  • Armaments
    Crew: 100. Can use acidic, chain shot, flaming, freezing, and shocking attacks, but no more than one in any given round in a single firing arc. The Brand can fire out to Long range at only a -5 penalty, and must use flaming shot in the front firing arc.
  • Eldritch Defenses
    The ship gains a +5 bonus to saving throws against the burning condition. Any spells that originate more than 50 feet from the ship deal 26 less damage to targets within that area. Teleportation cannot enter or leave the ship.

The same vessel the PCs saved in Chapter 1, the battleship is now fully restored and ready for combat. It just needs a captain…

R.N.S. Coaltongue

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