Coat of the Genteel Murderer

When you pulled this coat off Lorcan Kell, a suit of chainmail fell out, as well as about a hundred pounds of knives and swords.


Level 12+ Common
Armor: Cloth.

Property Unlike normal armor, the Coat can be put on or taken off as a move action.

Property You may have the Coat absorb a suit of armor. Thereafter, the Coat grants the armor bonus, magical properties, and item powers of that chosen armor, but uses its own enhancement bonus (you also still take any speed or check penalties from the absorbed armor, and you still need to be proficient with the armor being absorbed). You can remove or replace the absorbed armor during a short rest.

Property You can hide any number of weapons and any amount of ammunition inside the Coat. They still count toward your encumbrance, but are not noticeable unless the Coat is open, and they can be drawn as easily as a weapon sheathed at your hip.

Note Lorcan Kell’s Coat is masterwork quality; it bestows a +1 bonus to Will in addition to its +3 enhancement bonus, and all other properties of the absorbed armor.

As an example, if Lorcan’s Coat absorbed a suit of +1 Chainmail of Resistance (fire), its stats would be as follows:

+9 AC (6 armor from chainmail, 3 enhancement from coat).
+1 Will (masterwork quality of Coat).
-1 check penalty.
-1 speed penalty.
44 lbs (weight of Coat + chainmail).
Counts as Heavy Armor.
Resist 5 fire. (chainmail magical property).


This was the coat worn by Lorcan Kell. It’s only as protective as the armor hidden inside it, so it was worn largely for appearances. Now, the stories of the late crime lord shrugging off a bullet fired at point blank range are starting to make sense.

Coat of the Genteel Murderer

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