Defender Weapon

Leather straps around the crossguard hold beads representing your allies, and you can sense their condition as they clack against your fingers.

weapon (melee)

Level 5+ Uncommon
Weapon: Any

Critical: +1d6 damage per plus.

Property During a short or extended rest you can attune your weapon to one or more allies. Whenever any of those allies are within 20 squares, you are aware of any conditions affecting those allies, and whether they are bloodied, unconscious, dying, or dead.

Power (Daily) Free Action.
Trigger: You hit a target with an attack using this weapon.
Effect: End one condition affecting an ally that the target created. The condition must be one which a save can end.


A greatsword with this enchantment was confiscated from Eberardo, who often used it to protect his brother while on the job.

Defender Weapon

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