Detect Planar Energy

The energy drifts to you like a fragrance on a breeze. You spin and locate the strongest source of the smell, then set out.


Level 1
Category Divination
Key Skill Arcana (no check)

Component Cost 17 gp
Market Price 50 gp

Casting Time 10 minutes
Duration 1 hour

Choose a plane you have visited, or otherwise have had contact with. For the ritual’s duration you can sense the direction to and intensity of energies from that plane, to a maximum range of one mile. These energies tend to fade after a few hours or days, but it is possible to track creatures native to other planes by following their trails. The ritual can be foiled by strong sources of energy from the same or other planes. For instance, Cauldron Hill in Flint is a powerful beacon of shadow energy, so you would be unable to pinpoint any sort of foreign energy there, not even fey or elemental energy.

Party’s Planar Attunements:

  • Bleak Gate
  • Apet
  • Mavisha
  • Nem (except Talon)
  • Dreaming (Kida only)

A ritual of unknown origin, given to the party by Gale. The constables encountered it again in the High Bayou, when the Voice of Rot gifted all of them with the ability to cast the ritual.

Detect Planar Energy

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