Dual-Resist Potion

Mathematically, they're twice as good as resist potions.


Level 5+ Common
Consumable: Potion

Power (Consumable) Minor action.
Effect: You drink the potion and lose a healing surge. You then gain resist 5 against two energy types and an additional benefit, depending on the specific variety of potion (see below) until the end of the encounter.
Special: You may not benefit from more than one Dual-Resist potion simultaneously. If you drink a second Dual-Resist potion while a previous one is still in effect, the prior potion’s effects are canceled. You might also get a stomach ache.
Level 15: Resist 10.
Level 25: Resist 15.

Cryptspawn Potion

Tomb robbers and sewer workers alike value this brew for the way it strengthens the body against all manner of toxins.

Resistance to Necrotic and Poison. You also gain a +5 power bonus to your next Endurance check against any disease of the potion’s level or lower (within the next 24 hours, or until you drink a different dual-resist potion).

Fiery Faith Potion

Acolytes drink this before standing in the presence of celestial messengers to avoid being harmed by their brilliance.

Resistance to Fire and Radiant. In addition, you cannot be Blinded by effects with the Fire or Radiant keywords until the end of the encounter.

Insulating Potion

A thin, invisible membrane covers the imbiber, which both protects against corrosives and prevents the loss of bodily heat.

Resistance to Acid and Cold. Until the end of the encounter, you are immune to movement-related penalties (such as Slowed, Immobilized, or Restrained) tied to Acid or Cold effects. This protection doesn’t apply to things that don’t directly affect your speed or movement rate, such as slippery ice.

Steelmind Potion

This draught not only blocks out harmful psionic energies, but focuses your discipline, making it harder for you to be knocked off balance.

Resistance to Force and Psychic. In addition, you may choose to ignore 1 square of forced movement from any effect until the end of the encounter.

Stormproof Potion

Risuri ships often employ druids to pray for favorable winds. Such druids often have a bottle of this stuff in their back pocket in case those prayers aren’t well-received.

Resistance to Thunder and Lightning. You are immune to the Deafened condition until the end of the encounter. In addition, you can choose to have your voice remain audible even in the midst of a terrible amount of noise, such as a storm or a pitched battle.


These potions are house-ruled and may be strengthened or weakened by the GM following observation during play.

They’re based on the Cryptspawn potion, which appeared in Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Emporium, p90.

Dual-Resist Potion

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