Firesight Eye

Fires within this gem burn away deceptions and illusions.


Level 15 Uncommon
Wondrous Item / Head slot

Special If you simply hold this item up to your eye whenever you use it, it counts as a wondrous item. You can instead wear it like an eye patch, monocle, or other form of eye lens (or even implant it into your own eye socket), treating it as a head-slot item.

Property While you peer through the gem, you gain a +3 bonus to sight-related Perception checks.

Property Whenever you make an area attack with the fire keyword, you may choose to exclude one creature that is inside the area, or to include one creature adjacent to the area.

Power (Daily) Minor Action.
Effect: Until the end of your next turn, illusions in a close blast 10 from you are suppressed, as is any form of invisibility. They appear to burn away, revealing the truth.

GM’s Note: This appears to be a slightly more powerful (and therefore higher-level) version of a Gem of Seeing (MME, p84).


Firesight Eye

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