Srasama's First Blade

In your hands you hold a gleaming mithral sliver of a goddess. In your mind’s eye you feel the presence of Srasama’s first aspect, that of the warrior-maiden.


Level 15 Rare
Weapon: Light/Heavy Blade

Critical: +d12 fire and radiant damage per plus (ignores some racial fire resistance; see Hands of Retribution).

GM’s Note You can feel that the Blade was originally a stronger weapon, but its time in the Vault being used as a torture device (particularly when used against innocent women) has weakened it.

Property This weapon bonds to its wielder, who must either be an eladrin, or follow eladrin philosophy or religion. In the hands of any other creature, it is merely a magic weapon—and it deals 1 fire damage per round to such unworthy wielders (or 1 radiant damage per round to unworthy tieflings, demons, or devils).

Power (At-Will) Minor Action.
The weapon changes from its current form into any light or heavy blade appropriate for your size.

Power (At-Will) Minor Action.
The weapon teleports to your hand from any distance away, but not across planar boundaries.

Property You gain a +5 item bonus to Acrobatics and Athletics checks.

Property If you focus, you can learn the status and location of all humanoid women within one mile. If you’ve met them before, you know their identities as well.

Power (Daily) No Action.
Trigger: You hit an enemy with a Weapon attack using the Blade.
Effect: The attack deals an extra 1[W] damage, and you or an ally within 10 squares can make an at-will Implement attack as a free action.

Power (Once Only) Free Action.
Effect: The Blade summons up some of its lost power for a short time; it becomes a +4 weapon until the end of the encounter.


Found in room 7 of the Vault, where the devil Belcamp was using it as a makeshift torture rack. It’s likely the last thing the Clergy ever brought into the Vault before abandoning it. The location of Srasama’s other five blades are unknown – indeed, much of the world believes they were either consumed when the goddess’ body unleashed the Malice, or else thrown into the volcano at Alais Primos and destroyed. The fact that even one has survived to today (and now safely in the hands of a Vekeshi mystic) is miraculous news.

Srasama's First Blade

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