Grappler's Plate Armor

The joints of this armor can lock at your command, making your grasp nearly inescapable.


Level 12+ Common
Armor: Plate.

Property You can choose to sustain a grab as a free action. Whenever you do so, you are immobilized until your next turn, but creatures take a –2 penalty to their checks to escape your grab.


A suit of armor bearing this enchantment was recovered from Nick Reder, one of Kell’s lieutenants. He was not able to use its properties on either Kida or Qiyet; they escaped his holds too quickly.

Note The suit recovered from Nick is masterwork full plate, and thus has a +10 armor bonus (before magic) and the Tough quality. Using it without proficiency incurs a -2 penalty to attack rolls and Reflex.

Tough. The first time in each encounter a critical hit is scored against your AC while you’re wearing tough armor, the critical hit becomes a normal hit.

Grappler's Plate Armor

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