Gremlin Gloves

These patchwork gloves quiver slightly in the presence of machines.


Level 13 Common
Hands Slot

Property Firearms, crossbows, and similar technological items that can be held in one or two hands do not function while you hold them. Attacks by such weapons made against you must roll two attack rolls and take the worse result. Larger devices like wagons or engines are unaffected.

Power (Encounter) Standard Action.
Make a Thievery check to disable a device that is up to 5 squares away. You do not need line of sight or line of effect to the object, but you must know it’s there.


These gloves appeared in the lodgings of constable Von Gearkinson following the death of Ekossigan, along with a bowl of fruit and a note: “Don’t eat us.” It must have been some kind of appeasement after the fey witnessed him dealing the final blow.

Gremlin Gloves

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