Hammer of the Lost Riders

This hammer shatters those who oppose you like fragile ice. But a blizzard swirls at the edge of your vision, and the longer you battle, the closer it looms.

weapon (melee)

Lvl 16+ Rare
Weapon: Warhammer.

Critical: +1d8 cold damage per plus.

Property 1[W] damage for this warhammer is 2d6 instead of 1d10.

Property The Hammer can be used as a Heavy Thrown weapon with a range of 3/6.

Property The first time on your turn that you make a melee attack with this weapon, it deals 5 cold damage to you and each creature in a close burst 2. This area grants concealment until the end of your next turn, as it is filled with a snow storm (the snow storm appears after your attack is resolved).

Note unlike the icy end of the earth power, you can prevent or resist the cold damage dealt to you from this effect.

If you have completed one combat encounter since your last extended rest, the burst extends to 5 squares. If you’ve completed two or more combat encounters, the burst extends to 20 squares.

Lvl 21 or 26: 10 cold damage to all creatures in the snow storm.


This hammer was wielded by Grundun Zubov, leader of the doomsday terrorist cell in Flint. It was very nearly used to bludgeon Sir Hugo Von Gearkinson to death.

Hammer of the Lost Riders

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