Headband of Roaming Thoughts

This thin silver circlet captures your thoughts and lets you send them out into other’s minds.


Level 10 Uncommon
Head Slot

Property You gain telepathy 20. You can communicate mentally with any creature that has a language, even if they don’t share a language with you. The other creature must be within range, but you do not need line of sight or effect. Telepathy allows for two-way communication. As with normal speech, you can use it as a free action.

Property You take a –5 penalty to Bluff checks.

Power (Daily) No Action.
Trigger: You start your turn dazed, stunned, unconscious, or affected by a power with the Fear keyword.
Attack: Close Burst 20; character level +3 vs. Will.
Target: One creature within burst.
Hit: Your turn ends (apply end-of-turn effects as normal). The target immediately takes an extra turn under your control. It gets its full suite of actions, but you can only make it use at-will powers.
Miss: You take your turn, still under the effects of the triggering condition. The target is affected by the same condition until the start of your next turn. You may intentionally miss with this power, if you wish.


This circlet was taken from Ottavia Sacredote following her capture by Team 1. Communicating with her without the aid of the circlet is difficult, but her keepers are unwilling to risk attempts at mind control.

Headband of Roaming Thoughts

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