Lucky Dice

Keep these two six-sided dice in your pocket. They’re good luck.


Level 11+ Common
Implement (Ki Focus)

Critical +1d6 damage per plus.

Property Any character can use these dice as if they were proficient in ki foci.

Ki Focus: A special type of implement that also imbues its enchantment upon any weapon the character wields and is proficient with. If the wielded weapon is magical too, the character must decide before each attack whether to use the enchantment on the ki focus or the weapon (It’s impossible, for example, to use the enhancement bonus of the focus and the crit property of the magic weapon). When using a ki focus, mundane throwing weapons are lost as usual, but enchanted weapons always return to your hand.

Property When you roll these dice (in character), they can yield any number you want. Numbers outside the range of 2–12, however, will be quite suspicious.

Property (Out of Game) When your character becomes attuned to this ki focus, pick one d20 you own. From now on, you must only ever use it for attack rolls with this ki focus—nothing else. You can’t even use it in other RPGs (though you are allowed to make “practice” rolls to warm it up, or “cleansing” rolls to get bad numbers out of it). Also, don’t let anyone touch it but you. If you break these rules, you must atone (see below).

If you accidentally use one of your ‘normal’ d20s to roll an attack for this ki focus, you must immediately reroll the attack using the proper die. If the GM rules that it is too late to reroll, you must atone.

Property (Out of Game) Your chosen d20 is now lucky. Because the rules say so.


If you fail to behave sufficiently superstitious (as outlined above), the Lucky Dice will immediately cease functioning for you until you atone.

You can atone by either acquiring a new d20, which then becomes the chosen die, or by permanently burying the offending die and selecting a new one from your collection. If someone else touches your die on purpose, they must either buy you the new die, or bury one of their own dice as a proxy for yours (your choice). If you sell or otherwise lose the ki focus in-game, your d20 goes back to being a normal die.


Lucky Dice

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