Messenger Wind

You cup an invisible orb of winds in your hand. Five golden feathers spin around it, and you pluck one from the miniature cyclone, then release the orb. The winds wait until you whisper to the feather, calling upon it to deliver your message.


Level 6 Uncommon
Wondrous Item

Property The wind orb can be carried, or it can be left to float at any location. It is fairly invisible – creatures cannot succeed on Perception checks to see it unless they know to look for it. Creatures trained in Arcana can sense its magic with a DC 30 check.

Property Five small golden feathers are attuned to the orb. The feathers posess the following power:

Power (Encounter) Minor Action.
Requirement: You must be in possession of one of the feathers, and the orb cannot be further than 30 miles from your location.
Effect: You call the orb. It flies 10 mph (20 sq/rd) until it reaches you; it will deliver a short message (about 2 minutes of speech) you give it to any other feather. If multiple creatures activate feathers, the first resolves before the second begins.
Special: Each feather can use this power once per encounter.

Individuals in possession of Golden Feathers:

  1. Gale
  2. Qiyet Outrunner
  3. Hugo Von Gearkinson
  4. Linia of the Heavy Heart
  5. SSgt. Alain Templeton

Given to the PCs by Gale in order to facilitate a temporary alliance, working against the conspiracy in Flint. It is an Uncommon, but at the moment, no organization knows the PCs have this item, so it doesn’t count against them when determining whether the Favor Rating is increased for requesting new non-Common items.

Talon Silverhawk is currently carrying the orb itself.

Messenger Wind

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