A schooner blessed by a fey queen.



Level 10 Large Vehicle (18×5 squares)

Hull Integrity 3
Defense 15
Minimum Crew 4
Full Crew 16
Total Complement 40
Attack Bonus +9 to broadsides only.
Speed 8
Maneuverability 6
Command by PC


  • Design
    Three 70’ masts. Two decks. Beautiful wooden figurehead.
  • Armaments
    Crew: 15. Five cannons to either broadside. Shock ammo available.
  • Beloved, but Petulant
    As long as the ship and figurehead are in full repair, the ship completes its journeys in 10% less time than usual, and the crew gets +1 to saving throws. If either is damaged, the benefit goes away.
  • Dryad Figurehead
    The beautiful woman blushes when complimented, and sometimes disappears when mistreated. Occasionally trinkets go missing and are found decorating her wooden locks.
    The figurehead functions as a flagbearer, redirecting hostile spells originating beyond 50 feet away to herself. She has 50 hit points, and ignores the first 10 points of damage from any attack.
  • Jaunter
    Once per naval round, the captain standing at the head of the ship can ask the favor of the queen’s figurehead. If the captain is in good favor with the fey spirit within the figurehead, the ship teleports a short distance. This can grant a +5 bonus to the ship’s Maneuverability for the purpose of avoiding obstacles or for the Bearing phase, but only relative to a hostile ship at short range. In tactical combat, this requires a standard action and can be done once every five minutes. The Roscommon and everyone aboard teleports 50 ft. (10 squares) to an unoccupied space. It maintains the same heading and speed.


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