Scrap of the Book of Lorem

A page from the Clergy's Book of Lorem, which can tell no lies.


Level 8 Rare
Wondrous Item

Power (Daily) Standard Action.
You read the front of the page aloud: “And there was no light but fire.” All light sources other than fire within 100 feet (20 squares) of you are extinguished. Magical fire is unaffected. Creatures within the area are unable to produce light by any means except fire (even a wizard who knows the light cantrip finds it unable to function) for the next 24 hours.

Power (Consumable) No Action.
If a creature carrying this item would be hit by an attack with the Charm keyword or would otherwise become dominated, a voice in their mind speaks the words on the back of the page: “But that flame only strengthened his resolve.” The page vanishes in a puff of flame, ends the effect on the creature, and makes the creature immune to charm and domination for one minute.


Scrap of the Book of Lorem

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