Shoes of Reliable Style

Everywhere you go, people compliment you on your footwear, though it never looks the same two days in a row.


Lvl 13 Uncommon Feet Slot Item – 17,000 gp

Property You and up to ten people whom you consider to be “in your group” always elicit positive comments about your clothing, especially your shoes. You all can dance with proficiency any type of dance you are invited to join. You are all immune to caltrops and similar hazards. Your allies continue to gain this benefit until you take a short rest without them within 10 squares of you.
Special: This property does not help individuals in your group who are barefoot.

Power (At-Will) Standard Action.
You take on the appearance of any humanoid creature of the same size category as you. You may also have your clothing and equipment (including these shoes) physically transform into a disguise. Note: This means that your disguise is not illusory. If you normally wear a longsword on your belt, but your disguise does not, you will not be able to draw the longsword until you adjust your appearance again with another standard action. Magic item properties of your transformed equipment still benefit you, but item powers cannot be used.

No matter how well you disguise yourself, your shoes still look very nice.


This pair of shoes was sent to Alain Templeton as a show of good will, accompanying an invitation by Morgan Cippiano to meet and discuss a plan to finally bring down Lorcan Kell.

Shoes of Reliable Style

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