Sonic Pole

This weapon ends with two tines, like a tuning fork. When struck, it reverberates near-deafeningly, and with practice you can tune it to the destructive resonance of an object.

weapon (melee)

Level 17+ Rare
Weapon: Staff, or any Polearm

Critical: +1d6 thunder damage per plus. Also, the target is deafened until the end of the encounter.

Property Whenever you make a Strength check to break a door or other object, you gain an item bonus to the check equal to the weapon’s enhancement bonus.

Power (Daily) Standard Action.
Attack: Close Burst 1 or close blast 3. If you use the burst, you are included in the attack.
Staff’s level +3 vs. Fortitude.
Hit: The target is knocked prone and pushed 3 squares. It is deafened until the end of the encounter and takes ongoing 10 thunder damage (save ends). Note: If you hit yourself with the burst attack, you may choose which direction you get pushed. This forced movement isn’t optional.

  • Level 22: Close burst 2 or close blast 5. Ongoing 15 thunder damage.
  • Level 27: Close burst 2 or close blast 5. Ongoing 20 thunder damage.

Sonic Pole

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