Tyrant's Eye

The cloth bundle seems to twitch while held, as if looking for enemies. As you unwrap it, you get only a glimpse of the pale, scarred orb before your whole body feels like it’s being blasted apart.


Level 18+ Rare
Implement: Orb.


Originally the third eye of the dragon tyrant Yerev, it was said that this pale, scarred orb slew any creature it could see. It was bested when an army rose up against him on a moonless night, cloaking them from the eye’s sight in utter darkness. Once the dragon was slain, his corpse was buried, and none dared unearth his bones out of fear of the eye’s power.

None until Benedict Pemberton. Using unknown methods (or perhaps just relying upon his own draconic vitality), he recovered the Eye and repurposed it into a kind of beam cannon to perpetually churn a reservoir of lava in his secret factory on Isla dolas Focas (essentially, making it a very stylish source of perpetual energy, once combined with a steam turbine).

During the constables’ battle with Pemberton, Qiyet and Kida knocked the eye loose from its mounting, and Xambria flung it into the lava, where Beran divinists have confirmed that it was destroyed. Mighty though the Eye was, it was still not above destruction by such extreme elements.

The Eye’s gaze took the form of an invisible wave of force energy which tears apart creatures, though Pemberton’s cannon appeared to affect objects just as well. The constables proved too powerful to be instantly slain, so the legends must have been referring to the orb’s effect on ordinary humanoids.

Tyrant's Eye

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