Ashima's Secret

This ritual gives physical form to belief.


Ashima-Shimtu is one of three individuals in the entire world that know how to cast this ritual (now two, since Kasvarina Varal suffered amnesia at the hands of Alexander Grappa. It is unnervingly possible that the third is Nicodemus himself).

Originally penned by the Demonocracy, the power of this ritual was once merely moderate, given how unlikely demons are to unite in common belief. Once given to mortalkind, however, it was proven that manifesting a very widely-held belief like a god was both incredibly powerful and horrifically dangerous. Its only known casting led to the deaths of millions of eladrin women, the creation of a dead magic zone in modern-day Danor, the cursing of the former Clergy leaderships’ bloodlines, the creation of the deva race, and the subsequent collapse of the nation of Elfaivar due to civil wars and nigh-nonexistent birth rates.

It is a great and terrible power not to be taken lightly.

Ashima's Secret

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