Wand of Egal the Shimmering

A foot and a half of simple, pristine gold, this wand is eerily warm to the touch. It bears the profile of an aged man on its handle, his identity unknown.


Level 5+ Rare
Implement: Wand.

Critical: The target is dominated until the end of its next turn.

Property You cannot teleport or be teleported while this wand is in your possession.

Power (Daily) Free Action.
Trigger: You hit a target with an attack using this wand.
Effect: The target is surrounded by arcs of golden energy. It cannot teleport or move to another plane until the end of your next turn.


This curious implement was found in a crate of wands on the Grinning Griffon, which had brought them in from Crisilliyir in the attempt to smuggle them into Flint. The captain and his sailors were found to have Family ties.

Most of the confiscated wands were either broken down into residuum or given over to the Battalion for use in practice drills, but this one seemed just unusual enough for the RHC to hold onto it for the time being.

Wand of Egal the Shimmering

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