Watchful Hound

This foot-tall magic statue depicts a wise hound carved from granite. Its eyes move to watch anyone who approaches.


Lvl 1 Rare
Wondrous Item

Property This statue barks at the sight of any creature it is unfamiliar with. The owner of this item can speak the command words “buono cani” to familiarize the statue to a given creature within sight.

Obnoxiously, the statue keeps barking at a creature even while it’s owner tries to familiarize it, necessitating a raised voice to be heard over its racket.

Property The statue has darkvision.

Curse Several times each day, if no one is watching the statue, food will disappear within 30 feet, leaving behind mysteriously torn and chewed containers or packs. Shortly thereafter, foul-smelling dog droppings appear beside the statue.


Watchful Hound

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