Wayfarer's Lantern

The eight-faced cap of this lantern depicts symbols for each planet, and the sun. Eight brass arches beneath contain a glowing flame, contained without glass. As the light touches you, reality shifts as if you're in a different world.


Level 5 Rare
Wondrous Item

Property The lantern is fragile, and has only 10 HP; it can be easily broken if unattended.

Power (At-Will) Minor action.
You can adjust the lantern to shed magical light dimly (5-square radius) or brightly (10-square radius). If the lantern is not burning special oil, you may also turn it off as a minor action.

Special The lantern’s greater powers require it be fed special fuel: oil that has been attuned to a particular plane by steeping it in some item attuned to that plane (typically some form of meteorite that has been ground to dust). An ounce of this oil burns for 5 minutes.

Each ounce of oil is effectively a rare consumable item of level 10, 15, or 20. The level, based on how much meteor dust the oil contains, determines the strength of the effect (how likely it is to affect unwilling creatures). A given ounce of oil must be attuned to one specific plane.

Power (At-Will) Standard Action.
Effect: You fill the lantern with planar oil and light it. The lantern either affects everything it illuminates, or only creatures that you specifically target. To specifically target a creature you either need line of sight to it when you light the lantern, or the creature (or its gear or domicile) must be marked with an arcane sigil prior to lighting the lantern. Targeted creatures that leave the area of the lantern’s illumination are no longer affected, but they will be affected again if they return to the area. The lantern’s effects extend 10 squares in every direction, ignoring even total cover or concealment.

A creature with total cover or concealment gains a +5 bonus to defenses to resist the lantern’s effects because the light is not actually touching him, but the magic can pass through solid objects.

Choose an effect below appropriate to the oil’s planar attunement. Each round make an attack against each targeted creature or creature in the area, versus the target’s Will defense, with an attack bonus equal to the level of the oil used. A creature that is hit falls under the lantern’s effect for 5 minutes. If it later moves beyond the radius of the lantern it is no longer affected, but it will be again as soon as it comes back into the area. The lantern’s effect lasts for five full minutes; it cannot be snuffed prematurely without shattering and destroying the lantern.

Within a minute, a random encounter occurs as creatures native to the plane are drawn to the lantern. The total XP value of the conjured creatures is equivalent to the XP value of a single creature of the same level as the oil used. The creatures approach from a random direction. They can affect and be affected by creatures who are affected by the lantern.

The Dreaming or Bleak Gate.
The area becomes coterminous with the corresponding area in the designated plane. Creatures who remain within the area for the full five minutes disappear into the other plane (including the lantern, but only if it is being held by one such creature).

Affected creatures are pulled from their bodies into the plane of Nem, a spirit world on the far side of the Bleak Gate. The world resembles reality but is bereft of occupants and slowly fades away as the disembodied creature wanders away from the spot where it died. Even if their body moves, the spot where they entered Nem is an invisible gateway.

If they ever stray more than three miles from that gateway, they pass into the afterlife and cannot be resurrected (this is normally not a factor with the lantern because it will not burn long enough). While in Nem, they cannot see or be seen by living creatures. They gain phasing, meaning this power can be useful for scouting environments.

If their souls leave the area of the lantern, they instantly snap back to the spot where they first entered Nem. If their bodies are moved from the lantern’s area, their souls snap back into their flesh.


An invention of Luc Jierre, the party has witnessed the Lantern’s power on numerous occasions. It appears to have the ability to not only allow one to travel to the various planes surrounding the world, but also to use oil distilled from meteorites of distant worlds to alter a small bubble of local reality. In effect, this creates a vastly scaled-down version of the Ob’s Grand Design, introducing a single planar trait into a spherical zone.

At present, only Talon “Doge” Silverhawk knows how to distill planar oils and how to properly focus the lantern lenses to achieve various desired effects.

Wayfarer's Lantern

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