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  • Hat of Hats

    Taken from Blander Waryeye, aka the magician known as the House Elf, after he and his wife were arrested for the crime of aiding a known terrorist. Qiyet decided it would be best to turn it in to the quartermaster right away, rather than give it to Hugo …

  • Headband of Roaming Thoughts

    This circlet was taken from [[:ottavia-sacredote | Ottavia Sacredote]] following her capture by Team 1. Communicating with her without the aid of the circlet is difficult, but her keepers are unwilling to risk attempts at mind control.

  • Distinguished Top Hat

    [[:lorcan-kell | Lorcan Kell's]] hat was endowed with some strange enchantment that allowed him to shrug off an effect that would have otherwise dazed him, though at the cost of the thing falling off his head. It was picked up by a nymph, who then fled …

  • Arc of Reida

    Forged from a shard of silver which cracked off the shattered ring of the Plane of Time and fell to earth, this crown sits uncomfortably, its thin heavy edge pressing sharply into the wearer’s scalp. Using powerful magic, the arc can cause events from …

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