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  • Detect Planar Energy

    A ritual of unknown origin, given to the party by [[:gale | Gale]]. The constables encountered it again in the High Bayou, when the Voice of Rot gifted all of them with the ability to cast the ritual.

  • Ashima's Secret

    [[:ashima-shimtu | Ashima-Shimtu]] is one of three individuals in the entire world that know how to cast this ritual. Originally penned by the Demonocracy, its power was only fair, given how unlikely demons are to unite in common faith. Once given to …

  • Bonds of Forced Faith

    Originally penned by the Demonocracy, a scroll containing this ritual was stolen from the [[Crypta Hereticarum | Crypta Hereticarum]] long ago, and wound up in the hands of the Red Contessa, the leader of the witch coven of Cauldron Hill, who nearly …

  • Possession and Gestalt

    This page introduces tips to being successful *possessors* (those who benefit from use of the "Mortal Possession":https://zeitgeist-wotw.obsidianportal.com/items/mortal-possession ritual). Following are instructions for making alterations to your …

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