Crypta Hereticarum

The Clergy believes that in some cases, evil cannot be destroyed: killing an unholy disciple or destroying a cursed item will only free its malevolent energies to wreak havoc elsewhere in the world. For centuries, whenever the priests and godhands of the Clergy collected dangerous items, captured evil acolytes, or rescued afflicted innocents whose curses they could not break, they placed them in the Vault, built beneath the desolate isle of Odiem, off the coast of the city Sid Minos.

After the Great Malice, the Clergy fell into disarray for years, and those responsible for maintaining the vault had more pressing issues. They sealed it, tried to minimize outsider knowledge of it, and used their divine power to compel all those who had drowned in the rocky seas nearby to rise up and slay any would-be robbers.

After the constables made an unplanned visit, they learned more about the Clergy’s history. Among the justly-imprisoned monsters and criminals, they found an angel, as well as the Vault’s own architect, Ennio Adolini. Ennio claims that ever since Triegenes ascended, the faith has slowly corrupted over time, and the organization’s hierarchs have let power separate them from the divine path they once adhered to.

Sealed in the center of the Vault is its most important prisoner, the demoness Ashima-Shimtu. Here she has remained for over a thousand years, guarding a secret that has the power to upset the balance of the entire world.

Crypta Hereticarum

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